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Compostable Source, offers fully compostable straws, cutlery, cups, lids and bags that are heat-resistant and ideal for hot and cold drinks, food and meals.

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Compostable Products


Various Sizes & colors


Knives, Forks & Spoons


Cups, Trays & Lids


From Service to Clean Up

3 Steps to Test Compostablility

1. Bio-degradation

Chemical Break Down

All the material is consumed by microorganisms to be converted to CO2 with more than 90% volume in 180 days

2. Disintegration

Physical Break Down

Product has to physically breakdown in 12 weeks

3. Compost Quality

Material Characeristics

  • Metal
  • Ash
  • CO2

Compost Analyses

  • Celery Test
  • Earthworm Toxicity Test